5 Effective Ways to Increase Pinterest Followers

5 Effective Ways to Increase Pinterest Followers

If Facebook is recognized for community-building and X for short bursts of information, the competition in the field of photo sharing is particularly fierce. We recognize various names, but the top two contenders right now are probably Instagram and Pinterest.

Both platforms have prioritized the exchange of visual content as their primary offering from their start. Their attempts to cultivate this niche have been quite fruitful. In fact, photo sharing has become popular among people of all ages.

For colleagues currently optimizing on Pinterest, the factor of relevance with Pinterest followers, also known as engagement, is critical for the continuous growth of our accounts. Here are some simple strategies for increasing the amount of followers and engagement on our Pinterest account.

1. Consistency in Pinning

Pinning activities and image uploads are critical points for Pinterest users, particularly those with business aspirations. The regularity with which an account is pinned is frequently a determining element in its success.

Some social media observers claim that there are certain times of day when we should consistently publish our pins, which we briefly explored in an article here. It appears that timing is critical. In terms of frequency, Pinterest recommends posting content at least 5 times per day. However, for larger-scale corporate accounts, 15-20 times each day is deemed ideal.

2. Pin High-Quality Visual Content

Good quality can be defined in numerous ways, including not only image resolution but also the 'content' of the image itself. Every day, many photographs are shared on Pinterest, but not all of them receive much attention. What's intriguing is that there's often stuff that appears simple yet garners a lot of attention, even thousands of repins.

What's the trick? The important thing is how we present our company through visual content that may 'tell a story.' This is where thinking before submitting an image comes into play. Take a moment to notice and match it to the message you want to express for your company.

3. Don't Forget the Power of Keywords

The second tip is to increase the number of keywords in the descriptions, both in pin descriptions and on our account's boards. This is one of the features that distinguishes Pinterest from other social networking platforms. Unlike on Facebook or X, where each post quickly surfaces and then fades away, most content shared on Pinterest is available at all times and can even act as our company portfolio.

This occurs because there are usually a large number of people searching for specific phrases on Pinterest every day. We can optimize the keywords in our pin or board descriptions to attract visitors from potential consumers. Include words relating to our business as well as those that are frequently searched for.

4. Link it to Your Website

A personal website is a must while running a business online. Don't forget this, since a personal website can act as a reference and proof of the professionalism of your company. When your website URL is complete, you can connect it to your Pinterest account. The next step is to validate the website by entering the HTML code into the webpage.

5. Optimizing Your Website to be Pinterest-Friendly

The third optimization phase is related to the previous point; after checking our website, the next step is to 'decorate' it so that it easily connects with Pinterest.

There are various options available. The easiest and most practical option is to incorporate the Follow and Pin widget into our website. Customers on the site can get closer to our company's Pinterest account by using this widget. Another option is to enable each website visitor to re-pin the image material found on our site by installing the Pin it button function.

Pay attention to each recommendation above and apply it to your business account's demands. Apply them regularly, and mix them with marketing efforts on other social media channels for maximum effectiveness.

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