Understand Well Your Followers, Here Are The 3 Types of Followers on Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of modern people's lives, closely connected to their social activities. From the time they wake up in the morning until late at night, smartphone users usually diligently explore various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (now X).

Their goals vary, some want to get the latest information from news portal accounts, some have fun exploring the timeline, some share photos, and some want to communicate with their relatives or friends.

These various functions have made users very dependent on social media. Now interaction and socializing with other people is not only limited to face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations. It can also be experienced online, on many social media platforms.

Due to its ease of practical use, social media has become a popular tool used by many individuals to make new friends, find information about old friends, and pursue insights regarding their hobbies and personal interests.

Apart from that, social media is also often used for marketing purposes in online businesses. This approach is very strategic because social media has a wide reach among many users, allowing our business to reach a larger target market.

There are many elements that influence the success of a business promotion campaign via social media. Apart from choosing the appropriate social platform, carefully designing the promotional content you want to convey is also a major factor that needs to be considered.

It is important to avoid making our online business followers feel bored with the information we share and ultimately decide not to follow our business account.

Another important aspect that is often forgotten when promoting a business brand via social media is the variety of characteristics of followers. Understanding follower characteristics is important for customizing promotional approaches according to the various characteristics of these followers.

That way, it is hoped that existing followers will become more loyal and trust our business brand, and perhaps recommend our business to others. The following are the characteristics of followers of a business brand that promotes on social media:

The Quiet Follower

The Quiet followers are people who have a deep understanding of our online business and the products we offer, but they are not yet customers. They only consume our posts when they access social media by chance.

To attract the interest of these silent followers, we can create interesting content to encourage them to search for our online business social media accounts. One effective strategy is to hold photo contests related to our products.

Interesting photos will be more successful in arousing the curiosity of silent followers, compared to plain text posts. According to the author, this type of follower constitutes the majority of our business social media account followers, and is a market potential that has not been fully exploited.

The Casual Likers

People who are listed into this category are social media users who actively follow and read the information we share in our posts. Those who fall into the Casual Liker category follow our posts because they are really interested and like the content and information that we present.

To attract interest from Casual Likers, we need to show creativity and innovation by presenting fresh and up-to-date content that is trending and in demand by social media users. For example, when we share information about our products, adding tips about using the product can be an interesting way and make social media users interested in listening.

In terms of numbers, there are actually quite a lot of Casual Likers, especially because access to social media is getting easier, so their numbers continue to increase. They are part of the target market that we already attract, but need to pay close attention to maintain their interest.

The Deal Seekers

This type can be considered a step further compared to "Quiet Follower" and "Casual Liker". Deal seekers are customers who are active when our online business account offers attractive offers or tempting promotional programs. This type of follower tends to be loyal if our online business continues to provide attractive offers and promotions.

To increase the number of deal seekers, we need to actively promote and offer attractive offers that can increase our online business sales traffic. For example, to get a discount or purchase gift, followers must mention or share our online business discount information with five of their friends.

This is very profitable because we not only maintain the loyalty of deal seekers but also passively promote our online business through information sharing by followers. In terms of numbers, it is clear that this type is less. As business managers, our focus should be directed more towards this type of follower.

That is the full explanation of the nature of followers on social media. Hopefully, this explanation is useful for all readers, especially for those who work as content creators and really need to understand the unwritten rules of social media.

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